Want the Education without the monthly fee?

Whilst we think the monthly subscription will pay for itself there will always be those who want to learn more without the commitment.
That's why we've made this available for a limited time at a heavily reduced rate of just $99.00. Heres a little of what to expect;
"There’s nothing particularly new about options, they’ve been exchanged throughout history. While the names may have changed the parts that make up a trade have remained the same."
"This is the item about which the trade, the option, is being written. We looked at it in terms of a new album but it could be just about anything – a bag of carrots if both parties thought there was money to be made."
"The amount that both parties agree is paid by the buyer to the seller for the option is called the premium. You paid a premium of $30,000 for the exclusive right to make the record album within a twelve month period."
As an added bonus we'll even post you out a hard copy
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